Parcels & Envelopes transfers, Faster - Reliable - Cheaper

Kronos Express is a company specialised in the field of couriers and has secured the General Authorization for postal services (Local Courier Services - Emergency Courier Services). The Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation Office has been posted to the licensing register under number Γ.Ε.Τ.Υ 3/2012. Kronos Express is able to distribute securely and quickly all kinds of envelopes and small packages.

It features a well experienced and trained staff, with the aim to serve both the ordinary citizen, who would like to send envelopes or packages in all cities of Cyprus, and the traders of all kinds running small or large companies, lawyers, financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, customs agents, engineers, electricians, companies selling all kinds of equipment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, etc.

Nowadays, while the economy faces serious problems and service costs have risen sharply, Kronos Express, using a flexible and configured service system, provides services for distribution and courier of envelopes and packages at a very low cost, securely and quickly, thus contributing to development. Both businesses and business class workers will be able to significantly reduce their costs by taking advantage of the whole system of services provided by Kronos Express.

Kronos Express, using an advanced computer system, gives the opportunity to the clients, who have access to the internet, to track their sent items and get informed via SMS on their mobile for the arrival of a package or envelope to the receiving station (receiver). The sender will also be informed for the completion of receipt of the sent item. The above services are provided to all customers free of charge.

Through an extensive network of authorized dealers housed at selected kiosks in all cities of Cyprus and the parallel operation of two large distribution and control centres in Nicosia and Limassol respectively, Kronos Express can serve our customers every day of the week, including Sundays and holidays. The operation of the service centres will be extended until late in the evening and in most cases it will be a 24-hour one.

Kronos Express has a comprehensive and modern fleet of vehicles, in order to be able to distribute all kinds of sent items securely and quickly, without delays and problems. At the same time, customers will be able to buy at a very low cost special waterproof security envelopes, to enclose documents or small objects to be sent.

Customers of Kronos Express can insure any items sent, by paying a very small amount, according to the terms and conditions on objects’ carriage and distribution of Kronos Express.

Kronos Express Courier will always aim the provision of high quality services at the lowest possible cost.

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